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How to no www on website publish

The idea that users are bored to write the full address of the website they want to visit, on their browsers address led to another IT “headache”. Actually this is not too difficult to implement.

First step is to go on your DNS server, choose the zone you like ( and add a host (A) record, where you simplly LEAVE BLANK the “name (uses parent domain name if blank)”. Do not forget to add the ip address of your web server, cause inability to resolve will take place. This way you produce an A record of the simply “” with no text no front.

After doing this you should not forget to go on your webserver and edit your bindings. If you don’t have bindings enabled then you should add the “” plain with no www in front. V-hosts editing would simply do the same job on non MS web servers.

Same actions should be taken if you use publishing and routing on your firewall.

Till next time….bb

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