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Switch Alt-Ctrl or Simulate a Mac Keyboard in a regular PC keyboard.

A new graphics designer, MAC-grown, came to a supported company of ours. The user very kindly admitted having no previous Windows Experience and advised that in his previous job the ITs had switched their PC keyboards to simulate the MAC orientation.
What???? Another IT knows something that we are unaware of?????? :):):):)
(I can understand this, since if you want to call yourself productive you have to be damn fast!)
A little googling did the trick and here is what we found.
Download a free application called AutoHotKey from:
Create a notepad file on your desktop
Copy-paste the following code as displayed in red below:
; This file was initially made by Alan J. Hogan,
; And later changed by Peter Antakis
; Switches the left Control /Alt/Win keys.
Save the text File
Rename it as something.ahk
Check if the file opens with the application you installed AutoHotKey.
Copy it to your windows start menu> startup folder in order to load on startup.
The below is just for fun….
Special Thanks to Alan Hogan and his blog and of course Peter Antakis!
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