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Enable Mass Storage access on Windows Phone 7

Fire up Regedit
Navigate to
Find it deviceID named “VID_045E&PID_04EC&MI_00”
Two folders down you will find Device Parameters
Locate 3 REG_WORD Keys and change as follows:
Change ShowInShell from 0 to 1
Change PortableDeviceNameSpaceExcludeFromShell from 1 to 0
Change EnableLegacySupport from 0 to 1
No need for reboot. Plug your Windows Phone 7, and close Zune (if installed and started). As long as Zune is running you will see empty folders.
Now you may navigate to your Windows 7 Storage and drag and drop media and documents without using zune.
Or you may mass delete photos …without going one by one using your Windows Phone GUI, that unfortunately has no select all option…
Play with it, but if you brick it is not my responsibility.
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